Aaron Kwok does not want to put wife through another painful childbirth

Aaron Kwok is in no rush to expand his family.

His wife, Moka Fang, gave birth to their second daughter in April, after yet another pain-filled delivery.

Kwok, 53, who witnessed both births, said he did not want the model, 31, to go through another arduous experience.

He added that he is not pining for a son and that he already feels blessed to have two daughters.

Speaking to media at a pro-recycling event in Hong Kong, the actor-singer said, for now, the couple are grappling with the challenge of coming up with a name for the second child.

While her English name – Charlotte – has been selected, to go with the older kid’s Chantelle, the parents are still mulling over a Chinese name.

Kwok also has to deal with sibling rivalry, pacifying Chantelle, aged two, and telling her that she is still in dad’s affections, according to the On.cc portal.

Kwok, a Best Actor nominee at the recent Hong Kong Film Awards, is taking a break from projects to spend quality time with his family.

His presence must have boosted the spirits of Fang, who looked fit, trim and happy in recent photographs.

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