A.P.C.'s "INTERACTION#10" Honors Cult Los Angeles Boutique RTH

After launching its sacai collaboration as part of the brand’s ongoing “INTERACTION” series, Jean Touitou’s A.P.C. is looking west for the next edition. Indeed, “INTERACTION#10” is about as far west as you can go, at least in America: cult Los Angeles boutique RTH, curated and founded by René Holguin, is at the center of this new offering, blending its vintage Americana influences with A.P.C.’s clean design ethos.

Less interested in notions of gendered apparel than comfortable, personalized garments, accessories and knickknacks that serve to improve and flesh out one’s life, RTH is a one-stop shop for Holguin’s distinctive vision, blending elements of the Old West with an inclusive, open-minded bent. Its A.P.C. “INTERACTION” is appropriately far-reaching, providing a variety of flowing clothing appropriate for LA’s climate alongside earth-toned sneakers and thematic trinkets, often reiterating two motifs central to Holguin’s creative process: a peace sign and the phrase “Somos Iguales” (Spanish for “We are equal” or “We are the same”).

Shot in LA with Holguin’s friends modeling, the campaign highlights the special goods on-body while the product shots spotlight some of the more subtle detailing. Throughout, Holguin’s appreciation for Western tradition shines: beads, woven textiles and leather accents grace chambray bags, pouches, belts and even some of the remixed A.P.C. jeans worn beneath relaxed poncho shirts and adjustable pullovers. A.P.C.’s low-key approach to style manifests by way of polo-necked shirts and the classic pullover sweaters, while the rope belt is all RTH, gently elevating one of the retailer’s signature accessories.

RTH’s “INTERACTION#10” partnership hits A.P.C’s website and stores April 8.

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