16 of the Year's Biggest Films — All Lead by F*cking Awesome Females

16 of the Year’s Biggest Films — All Lead by F*cking Awesome Females

There’s no shortage of movies with strong women leads in 2020, and we honestly could not be happier! We’ve got multiple superheroines hitting the big screen this year, of course, but the definition of a strong woman character goes way beyond women who wield swords and superpowers. A “strong” woman is an interesting one, a realistic one, one who’s complicated and messy but has a strong heart or mind or sense of self. There’s so much more to being a strong woman on screen than just punching baddies in the face, and the characters in these 16 movies prove that there’s no one right way to be strong. How many of these movies are already on your radar for 2020?

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