Will Smith shows off his body and claims ‘I’m in the worst shape of my life’


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I go back and forth about whether I’m genuinely worried about the weight I’ve gained during the pandemic year. I obviously spent little time at the gym, but I walked and hiked a lot and I enjoyed that. I don’t feel as toned or muscular as I was two years ago, but I wasn’t super-toned to begin with. Mostly, I’m just trying to give myself a break on all of it. I’ve gained weight but my clothes still fit (mostly because I’m just wearing sweatpants anyway). I walk. I stress-eat sometimes. I chew a lot of gum. And it’s all fine, we survived the pandemic and we’re doing okay.

Not only do we need to give ourselves a break, we need to give other people a break too! So it is with Will Smith, who spent the past year… doing… something. I have no idea if he was working or if he was just chilling out at home or whatever. But wherever he was, he was not visiting a gym. He was also not moisturizing! Will posted the above Instagram with the message “I’m gonna be real wit yall – I’m in the worst shape of my life.” He got dozens of comments from fellow celebrities, all of whom were like “same” and “you’re a hero for posting this” and “you look totally fine.” And honestly, he does look fine! He just has a little tummy! He doesn’t look like a guy who’s spent an entire year on the couch, eating French fries and ice cream. He looks like a guy who is active and enjoys food but isn’t stressing about any of it.

Anyway, be kind to yourselves and be kind to other people. The past five years were f–king horrible and we all did what we had to do to get through that sh-t. Also, Will is 52 years old! It would be crazy to think that he should still be super-ripped.

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