What Joe Jonas REALLY Saw Sophie Turner Do On Ring Camera Footage!

One of the first big stories to come out attempting to explain the shocking news Joe Jonas was divorcing Sophie Turner? He saw something on their Ring camera footage that was too far!

The minds of fans ran wild with scandalous ideas — but what was it really??

According to an insider spilling to Us Weekly on Wednesday, it wasn’t cheating, it wasn’t violence, it certainly wasn’t some wild drunken antics — as some of the other stories coming out about Sophie post-divorce seemed to imply. No, this source claims Joe saw footage of her complaining to a pal about him.

Yep. That’s it.

Just a friendly bitch sesh about hubbies. And THAT sent him over the edge! The insider says:

“It wasn’t anything more than that. But that was the final straw.”

We can see him being annoyed. But at the same time… that’s girl talk! He should not have been hearing any of that anyway!

But all the same, if she had things to say about him that were that bad, and it wasn’t what she could tell him to his face, then… Well, it sounds like they weren’t meant to be, that’s for sure.

What do YOU think about this (not so) big reveal? Did YOU think there was more coming??

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