Vicky Pattison ‘delays baby plans’ with Ercan Ramadan after past heartache

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Vicky Pattison is nervous about taking the plunge and trying for a baby with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan after being burnt by love in the past, a source has told new.

“Vicky has made no secret of the fact that she wants a family one day and she feels broody, but she’s been burnt in the past so she’s extra wary of getting hurt now. She doesn’t want to take the plunge and start a family until she’s certain her relationship is forever,” the source said.

“Her younger sister had a baby recently and that has understandably made Vicky feel broody.

"Spending time with her niece Mavie has brought home to her how much she’d love to have a baby. But she’s trying to be sensible and wait for the right time.”

The star recently revealed that since having her contraceptive implant removed, she and Ercan are sleeping in separate beds in their new £1.5 million home.

“We are being super, super careful,” she explained.

Vicky, 33, has endured a turbulent love life in the spotlight since finding fame on Geordie Shore in 2011.

She ended her engagement to Ricci Guarnaccio after a fiery romance, and her second engagement to businessman John Noble collapsed in 2018 after he was seen getting close to another woman in Dubai.

Despite finding love with Ercan, 37, soon after, with the pair moving in together just nine months into their romance, Vicky has insisted she feels no need to rush and that she wants to protect her finances as well as her heart.

She explained, “I had a really hard time with my last relationship."

"The emotional stuff was hard enough, but what ended up dragging out was the financial side of things. It was such an arduous, upsetting task that I promised myself I would protect myself in the future and not let my heart make the decisions.”

The source added, “Vicky knows Ercan is The One and is different from guys she’s been with in the past. But she’s made mistakes before by rushing in with her heart and not taking time to think with her head.

"She sees marriage and kids in the future some day, but she just wants to take her time and make sure it happens when it’s meant to."

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