Top Summer Hair Trends according to new ‘it girl’, Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie is truly basking in the spotlight after the highly anticipated wedding of the year and her much-awaited TikTok debut. Since she tied the knot in a breathtaking ceremony on April 22 at the luxurious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, not only has she become the new face of "quiet luxury," but she is also setting trends across beauty and fashion.

Speaking to SILKE London’s founder, Maria Sotiriou, here we have broken down some of the signature ‘Sofia styles’ ready for the Summer season.

The Sofia Richie Bun

Sofia has effortlessly rocked this look on numerous occasions leading up to her wedding and on her special day itself. This hairstyle exudes elegance, timelessness, and, most importantly, it is incredibly easy to style. When the summer heat leaves you yearning to keep your hair out of your face, the 'Sofia Richie bun' is your go-to solution.

Maria recommends embracing this style on the day or evening before your hair wash day. She suggests using a nourishing oil or scalp treatment to achieve the sleek and polished appearance, rather than relying on hair sprays and gels. By doing so, your hair can enjoy the benefits of the treatment while also being out and about in the sun.

Smooth half & half

For this style, Maria recommends waiting until day three or four, after blow-drying your hair. She suggests: "By using the SILKE Hair Wrap, priced at £50, nightly, your hair will retain its smoothness, just like it did on day 1 of your blow-dry, even on days 4, 5, and 6. By day 3-4, the natural oils from your scalp will aid in achieving that sleek, swept-back appearance."

The claw clip french twist

Embrace the timeless charm of a summer holiday classic, but with a chic twist inspired by Sofia Richie. Elevate the traditional French twist by securing it with a claw clip, giving it a modern touch that's perfect for the beach, day or night. Follow Sofia's lead and enhance this hairstyle with statement earrings for a stunning beach-to-bar accessorizing effect.

Additionally, this styling technique can also be used to create loose waves as you let your hair air dry in hotter climates. It's a versatile option that combines effortless elegance with practicality, allowing you to enjoy the breezy, beachy vibes while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Take wrapping to the beach

While headwraps and scarves have been around for a while, when Sofia embraces them, they become an essential Summer holiday accessory. Wrapping your hair, whether partially or fully, at the beach not only elevates your style but also provides significant benefits for your hair's health.

In hotter climates, your hair faces numerous challenges such as sun exposure, saltwater, chlorine, and the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. All of these factors can lead to damage, dryness, and even impact the color of your treated hair. By wrapping your hair during the day, whether you're at the beach, pool, or out exploring, you create a physical barrier that shields your hair from these environmental stresses.

It's important to note that scarves are not your only option. Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have been spotted donning silk turbans at the beach, so don't forget to pack your Hair Wrap in your beach bag.


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