Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey recalls ‘zero to 100’ romance and partying days in heart–wrenching eulogy

Tom Parker's wife Kelsey has recalled her romance with late husband Tom Parker on the day of his funeral.

Kelsey and Tom tied the knot in 2018, but they met way before that.

It was in a night club in 2009 when their worlds first collided, and despite The Wanted's hectic tour schedule and legion of female fans, Tom and Kelsey remained devoted to each other.

They went on to get engaged in 2016, and got married in a beautiful ceremony covered exclusively by OK! in July 2018.

They share two children together, Aurelia and Bodhi.

Sharing a look back at their romance in her heartbreaking eulogy, Kelsey, whose tribute had been pre-recorded, told of how they'd gone from 0 to 100.

She said: "19 year old me met Tom outside of a nightclub, I say met – I instantly saw him and said ‘oh my god, I love him’.

"It was love at first sight, even if he didn’t know it yet. We went into the club, tables next to each other and he asked for name which I thought was weird but he told me ‘I wanna add you on facebook’. And the rest is history.

"From that moment I told everyone I wanted to marry Tom Parker.

"Tom had other ideas though cos he had just joined a band called the wanted. I didn’t really believe him, but little did wek know, they’d go on to be one of the UK’s biggest boybands.

Tom Parker's life in pictures from fame to beautiful wedding with Kelsey and fatherhood

"Tom told me he was going to be famous and wouldn’t have time for a girlfriend right now, but he didn’t leave me alone.

"We went through lots of ups and downs at the beginning as most young couples do and it all came down to Tom crying in the bathroom of another nightclub to my next door neighbour… who Tom had no idea was my next door neighbour.

"Tom was crying his eyes out saying that he’d lost the love of his life Kelsey, which then led to me getting a phone call from Tom out of the blue and he said ‘i’m ready’.

"And it went from zero to 100."

Tom's mum also paid tribute to her son at the funeral, in a eulogy read by Tom's brother.

It ended by saying: "As a family we have been through so many situations with Tom, good and bad. We have nothing but love and pride for not only his achievements but his positive attitude, resourcefulness and determination.

"We always see him riding on the crest of a wave- just different waves and we'll always be faithfully at his side. An amazing son and brother who we love dearly."

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