Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey leaves fans in tears as she reads poignant lyrics while grieving

Tom Parker: Kelsey recalls telling daughter about his death

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Kelsey Parker took to her Instagram account, @being_kelsey, to share her feelings of loss with her over 306,000 followers. “A picture of you I carry in my heart,” she began proudly, her voice quavering with emotion.

“I close my eyes to see it when the world gets dark.

“A memory of you I carry in my soul, I wrap it around me when the nights get cold.

“If you ask how I am, I’d say fine, but the truth is if you could read my mind, not a day goes by when I don’t think of you.”

Kelsey is the widow of Tom Parker, a much-loved member of boy band The Wanted, and she was reading out an adapted version of the lyrics from Lonestar’s song Not A Day Goes By.

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Tom’s fanbase had joined Kelsey and her family in mourning after her beloved husband died this year, ending his painfully short battle with a brain tumour.

Last night, Pixie Lott took to Instagram to send Kelsey a string of heart emojis after viewing the Instagram video of her reading out the poem.

Meanwhile a fan named @gutgutia_shristy praised her bravery in the aftermath of her other half’s death, exclaiming: “I don’t have guts to go through with the life journey you are into. You are powerful in every way.”

@sharon_and_sons typed out comforting words of reassurance, urging her: “I know it’s the same the other way around @being_kelsey he’s looking over you and the little ones everyday.”

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The Instagram group @tomparkergoldforever added: “Love you Kelsey Parker. Tom would be so proud of you &your strength.”

Other fans cited her as “strong and courageous” and a “massive inspiration” while sharing hearts and tearful emojis to punctuate that they were there for her in her time of need.

Almost 20,000 people have liked the post so far, including one Instagrammer who said she’d been through exactly the same experience as Kelsey and understood.

@rubyandwebb chimed in: “5 years ago on 31st May, I lost my husband to a glioblastoma. Our son was 8 years old.

“You are doing amazing, Kelsey, you really are. I bet Tom is beaming with pride, watching over you and the children.

“Be kind to yourself. Take each day as it comes, step by step.”

Meanwhile, during her pre-recorded speech read out at Tom’s funeral last month, Kelsey recalled how their relationship began and progressed.

“Tom told me he was going to be famous and wouldn’t have time for a girlfriend, but he wouldn’t leave me alone,” she recalled fondly.

“I will treasure every memory because life with you was never dull.

“You were always coming up with songs, new game shows and we all know how much you loved an invention – I bet you were gutted you never made it on Dragons’ Den.

“Marrying you was the best day of my life… soulmates, that’s what we are.”

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