Tom Hanks wife: The six films Tom and wife Rita have worked on together

Tom Hanks shows off new haircut for role in Elvis film

Tom Hanks will chat with Graham Norton on a New Year’s Eve special of The Graham Norton Show on BBC One tonight, alongside several famous faces. Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Jessica Chastain and Nish Kumar, will also star, with music from Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

A film legend, Tom has brought dozens of iconic characters to life throughout his career – from Forrest Gump to Sheriff Woody in Toy Story.

Tonight Tom will chat to Graham about his upcoming role of Colonel Tom Parker in the 2021 Elvis biopic, showing off his haircut for the role.

In January, Tom won the Cecil B. DeMille award, given to people for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.”

His acceptance speech was an emotional one, with the movie star tearing up as he thanked his children and wife, Rita Wilson.

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The six films Tom and wife Rita have worked on together

Tom and Rita have been married for 32 years, and have also shared the big screen – collaborating on several films.

In 1985, Tom and Rita were not together romantically but starred opposite one another in comedy, Volunteers.

Of first filming with Rita, Tom told Entertainment Tonight in 2015: “When we first looked at each other there was definitely a kind of like, ‘Hey, this is the place!’ I felt that, anyway,

“I think the end result is that we got married for all the right reasons.”

Then on April 30, 1988, the couple married and went on to enjoy successful careers supporting one another.

Speaking to Oprah in 2001 Tom said of his and Rita’s bond: “The success of our relationship was a matter of timing, maturity, and our willingness to have an intimate connection.

“When I married Rita, I thought, ‘This is going to require some change on my part.'”

Tom said: “I won’t deny that providence was part of us finding each other, but our relationship isn’t magic—the way it’s shown in movies. In real life, our connection is as concrete as me sitting here.


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“Not that marriage doesn’t come close to being hell in a handbasket sometimes. But we both know that no matter what, we’ll be with each other—and we’ll get through it.”

In 1993 Tom starred in the Nora Ephron-directed love story Sleepless in Seattle.

His love interest was Meg Ryan, but Rita also featured in the film.

Rita played Tom’s character Sam’s sister, Suzy, in the romantic comedy.

Then nine years later the couple collaborated on another film, but from behind the camera.

Tom and Rita co-produced 2002 film My Big Fat Greek Wedding and went on to do the same for its 2016 sequel.

Speaking at the New York premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in 2016 Tom said: “My wife saw an ad back in the day in the LA Times calendar section for a one-woman show called My Big Fat Greek Wedding and she laughed and said ‘I’m going to go see the show,’ and she did.

“She came home and said ‘I think that’s a movie,’ and it was.”

They then went on to produce the ABBA-themed movie musical, Mama Mia! in 2008, as well as its sequel Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in 2018.

Tom has several upcoming projects which he is producing including TV mini-series Masters in the air, a remake of 2015 Swedish film A Man Called Ove and a film celebrating the life and career of singer Carole King.

He is also producing war film No Better Place to Die and drama In the Garden of Beasts.

The Graham Norton New Year’s Eve Show is on BBC One tonight at 10.25pm.

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