Tokyo Toni Rips Summer Walker for Saying She’s Such a ‘Terrible’ Mom to Blac Chyna

While the ‘Still Over It’ musician has yet to respond to Tokyo’s public rant, many social media users come to the singer’s defense and put the 50-year-old mom on blast.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna‘s mom won’t let anyone say negative things about her. Upon learning that Summer Walker called her put for being a “terrible” mom, Tokyo Toni took to social media to fire back at the singer.

“Girl let me tell you something,” the 50-year-old penned on Instagram Story. “Don’t open your raggedy mouth with my name coming out of it again. If you want a clout chase come flush the toilet when I’m [finished] @summerwalker.”

“Listen, little girl,” she went on fuming. “Your [lost], confused, and a puppy. Where is your baby daddy? Didn’t want you after that disposable p***ycat huh? Lol girl keep my name out of your mouth before I put something in it deeper than what’s been in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Still wanting to get things off her chest, Tokyo stressed, “Do you understand me? I’ll Floyd Mayweather you and then drag you like a tractor-trailer to a piece of roadkill, do you understand me?” She threeatened, “Don’t use my name again girl, don’t say my name again girl don’t you say my name again girl or my promises will be A1 on your list!!!! @summerwalker.”

In her original post, Summer opined, “Oh my God… I was just watching Chyna’s show on Zeus cause I finally had some time to myself and I feel so bad for her…” She added, “Her mom treated her so terrible. Like that was really crazy, my heart hurts.” one person commented.

Summer has yet to respond to Tokyo’s public rant. However, many social media users came to the defense and attacked Tokyo. “All this because you were a bad mom, lord it’s the refusal to take accountability for me.”

Another added, “Summer has more money than both of them AND WASN’T WRONG TOKYO TREATED HER DAUGHTER WRONG !” Someone else opined, “And this is why she feel bad for her , cause look at how you act. You grown as hell. Have some decorum.”

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