This HILARIOUS TikTok Of A Woman Sneaking Out Of An Amazon Truck Just Got The Driver Fired!

An Amazon driver has been fired after a viral video yet again. No, he didn’t spit on the porch or smash a package — it’s what the video implies that seems to have gotten him in trouble.

See, the vid shows a woman slipping out the backdoor of his delivery truck, dressed like she was ready for a night at the club! The blonde-haired woman attempts to exit the Amazon van without being noticed, acting as casual as you can in a black mini dress — only the whole thing was captured on film and posted on TikTok, leading to many users speculating about what could have gone down inside that truck… and on top of your packages…

In the clip (below), shot in an unidentified Florida neighborhood, a delivery guy is spotted holding open the backdoor of his truck for a female to climb out. What a gentleman. LOLz! They make eye contact one last time before she saunters away in what looks suspiciously like a walk of shame (only, you know, without the shame). See for yourself!

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