These Tweets About Google Docs Going Down On Jan. 27 Are Chaotic AF

On Monday, Jan. 27, many people got a major case of the weekday scaries when they realized Google Docs appeared to not be working as a result of apparent problems with Google Drive. The feature is essential to many users’ workflow, and these tweets about Google Docs going down on Jan. 27 show people are high-key freaking out. Elite Daily reached out to Google for comment on the reported outage, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Many employees reported a drop in productivity on Jan. 27 when numerous Google Drive users took to Twitter to complain that the service and some related apps appeared to be down, preventing them from accessing their documents and other important features like Google Slides and Google Sheets spreadsheets.

When I tried to access the feature, I got an error message saying "Google Docs encountered an error. Please try reloading this page, or coming back to it in a few minutes." According to, Google Drive began experiencing a spike in issues at around noon.

Whether your office "descended into chaos" as a result of the glitch, you had a full-blown freak out about the fact that you suddenly couldn’t access your documents, or you simply switched to another app to continue your day as if nothing had happened, hordes of Twitter users took to the social media platform to reflect on how they and their coworkers were dealing with #GoogleDocGate. Judging by the tweets, people are losing it.

The unexpected outage is just a sobering reminder of how much we’ve all come to rely on technology for daily tasks, and users everywhere are banding together in solidarity because the panic is real.

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