The Top 2020 TikTok Hashtag Trends & Effects Include So Many Viral Videos & Quarantine Challenges

With just weeks to go until we finally usher in 2021 and leave 2020 in the dust, TikTok is taking a look back at the videos that entertained us and connected us during the past year. During a year which saw a global pandemic, racial unrest, and a contentious election, it’s unsurprising the top 2020 TikTok hashtag trends and effects include many quarantine challenges, because #BoredInTheHouse has never been more relatable. From viral dances to special effects like Duet and Stitch, here’s what the year on TikTok looked like.

It’s safe to say 2020 was anything but ordinary as many people who were physically separated due to the COVID-19 outbreak turned to the app to stay connected and entertain themselves while at home. The social media platform reported record growth during the pandemic gaining three times as many users as it had in 2018, and according to forecasts, TikTok is expected to top 1.2 billion users in 2021. While the app might have found its niche during lockdown, it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere — and some of the top trends and hashtags that dominated TikTok over the past 11 months hint at what the app could look like in the coming year.

As users tried to combat lockdown boredom, the app saw people giving sage (and sarcastic) advice with the #YouHaveTo trend, while a #RandomThings trend had people sharing videos of random objects in their homes that just "made sense." TBH, in 2020, that actually makes sense.

During the past year, users relied more than ever on TikTok’s special effects to make their TikTok trends, challenges, and viral dances come alive. From changing their backgrounds with Green Screen, creating Voiceovers, and collaborating with other users with Duet, here are the top video special effects during the past year.

These are just some of the cool insights from the app’s The Year On TikTok: Top 100 findings, so head to the blog post to learn more about the biggest creators, food and baking trends, viral makeup and beauty challenges, and more that dominated the app in 2020. Why? Because #YouHaveTo.

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