The Target Twitter Account Posted About BTS, Then So Many Brands Chimed In

Lots of brands must recognize that BTS fans are some of the most active fans on social media, because they’re all jumping on the bandwagon right now.

You’ve probably noticed that people are sharing their Spotify Wrapped data this week, which shows your top artists and songs for the year based on your listening history.

The @Target account on Twitter posted, “My 2020 Wrapped came in and it’s official, I am a @BTS_twt stan through and through.”

So many brands decided to reply to the tweet and get involved on the social activity. Among the brands that replied were Mattel, Hyundai, Redbox, Barbie, Bagel Bites, Pantene, JBL Audio, and of course, Spotify. Read all of the tweets below.

BTS is on top of the charts this week with their latest album and they achieved a cool feat!

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