The Little Mermaid stars unveil sweet bond between Ariel’s sisters

The Little Mermaid – Official trailer with Halle Bailey

Disney’s latest rendition of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale is about to make its highly anticipated release after spending five years in production and filming through the pandemic.

While the road to the premiere was unprecedented, actresses Kajsa Mohammar, 32, and Karolina Conchet, 22, say the lockdowns helped them create the genuine sisterly bond that fans will soon see on-screen.

Kajsa revealed: “We didn’t have any other social contact and we became each other’s family in that weird time. I don’t even have words for how much it was worth at the time to have this extra family of sisters.

“It gave us something to hold on to and anchor to and made it even more precious now that it’s finally coming out.”

Karolina noted that despite director Rob Marshall specifically requesting that the seven actresses “hang out like sisters”, there was no need to force a relationship from any of them.

She added: “We met quite early on, at the callbacks for the casting in the waiting room.

“Straight away we were talking to each other. It felt sisterly really quickly, we didn’t push or try to get close. The dynamic just happened and we were all supporting each other naturally.”

However, their extended family wasn’t quite enough to keep out the draining parts of filming as Karolina recalled: “When we were in Sardinia and we were filming in the water, in and out, in and out. It’s cold, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s hot.

“Just the whole environment is like; ‘oh what is going on!’.”

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The Valentin Valentin alum also revealed the daughters of Triton “still hang out” almost two years since filming wrapped.

When it comes to sisterly titles, Kajsa revealed she and Karolina are definitely “the more serious ones” who end up “taking responsibility”.

On the other hand, she outed Nathalia Sorrell, who plays the pink-haired Caspia, as the “sneaky sister”.

She sweetly recalled: “We weren’t supposed to hang out because of Covid, so she would leave me little messages every day.

“She would stick up a note in the trailer in the morning…I don’t think we were allowed to do that.

“She’s also the most likely to sneak you a snack.”

As for The Little Mermaid herself, Kajsa assures Halle Bailey is now forever their “little baby sister”, adding: “We’re just so protective and so proud (of her).

“We knew she was special from day one. She was just singing to us while we were rehearsing, I cry just thinking about it.”

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