The Game Donates for Indian Red Boy’s Funeral After His Death in Shooting

In the accompanying message, the ‘Hate It or Love It’ rapper insists that he is ‘tired of n***as just talkin to be talkin on here while homies’ out there is getting ‘slaughtered over dumb s**t.’

AceShowbizThe Game has shown his generosity. The “Hate It or Love It” spitter donated for the funeral of a Los Angeles rapper named Indian Red Boy after the latter was killed while on Instagram Live.

On Wednesday, July 14, the 41-year-old musician took to his Instagram page to share a screenshot of a GoFundMe page along with a photo of the late rapper, whose real name was Zerail Rivera. “Holla’d at the family & got it done as promised with my family…. Don’t talk about it, be about it…. Rest In Peace @indianredboy,” he wrote in the caption.

“I hope it helps you guys send him off the way he deserves to be…. & from my loved ones to y’all, we send our condolences to @tbc_we_all_we_got @sevenzmommy @_mirageee @niiccoolleeeeee & the rest of Zarial’s immediate family & close friends,” The Game continued in his note. He added, “SIDENOTE: if anyone else wants to donate to the family, CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO !!! & IF YOU DONT KNOW LA GANG CULTURE OR THE POLITICS OUT HERE SHUT THE F**K UP !!!!”

Speaking of the rising violence among the hip-hop community, The Game pointed out that he’s “tired of n***as just talkin to be talkin on here while homies out here gettin slaughtered over dumb s**t !!!!” He also added a hashtag that read, “#WeAllGottaDoBetter” at the end of his message.

Zerail was killed on July 8, while he was sitting in his car on Chadron Ave in Hawthorne, police said in a press release on July 10. His identity was also confirmed by the L.A. County coroner, though his cause of death is pending further investigation. “It appears to have been a walk-up shooting and he appears to have been targeted,” Hawthorne police Lieutenant Ti Goetz told the Daily Breeze. The cop said that the shooting may have been gang-related.

After Zerail’s death, The Game came up with a video where he shared a few bars. “All white Air Force 1s/ N***as coming through the hood with them air force guns/ We got more Drakes than the Billboard/ Disrespecting Nip, type of s**t you n***as get killed for/ We not gon’ stand for the disrespect/ Get this .45 Bell pressed against your neck,” he rhymed. Soon after, he clarified that the lyrics were old and not targeted toward Zerail.

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