The Complete Soundtrack to HBO’s Generation<\/em>

Three episodes in, and HBO Max’s teen seriocomedy Generation has already done public birthing jokes, school lockdown jokes, and way more awkward sex jokes than there were penises in that other HBO teen hit. After years of made-for-adult anti-hero crime, HBO really wants to be down with the teenagers now. How do you do, fellow kids? Ever go rooftopping?

Except, Generation feels closer to reality than previous HBO shock fests. It’s more Booksmart than Euphoria, and, we think, is all the better for this tonal decision.

Co-written by Daniel Barnz and his 19-year-old daughter Zelda Barnz, Generation mostly examines the younger Barnz’s cohort, though not without some focus on that generation’s parents—who, in the series, act both progressively and toxically.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniel and Zelda explained how the project began after Zelda came out as queer to her fathers, Daniel and Ben Barnz. Their son, Dashiell, had also earlier come out. Daniel envisioned the project as one that could both teach Zelda about TV development as well as depict Generation Z’s “embrace of queerness.”

A recent Gallup poll shows that Generation Z (ages 19-24 in 2021) may be the queerest generation—with one in six members identifying as LGBT. (Gallup uses “LGBT,” though the term is often expanded to “LGBTQ+”. We will use Gallup’s term for consistency.) The majority of those who identify as LGBT in the poll said they were bisexual. Bisexuality is a common identifier in Generation as well, with more than one character struggling with the perception of this identity.

As far as identity representation, Generation seems to be one with the times. And so, we would expect the series to get some of the other cultural markers accurate as well, including style and music. While we can’t speak to what exactly Zillennials listen to—or listened to in 2019, which is when Generation seems to be set (even though the songs are mostly from 2020)—we can say that the series’ soundtrack still brings it. We’re into it. Are we too old to say that?

Well, here’s every song from the Generation soundtrack so far, fellow kids.

Episode 1

“I Like Boys” by Todrick Hall

“Crush” by Duckwrth

“What’s Your Pleasure”by Jessie Ware

“Can I Be the One” by Daydream Masi

“Phenomenon” by Odie

“Y Yo Sigo Aqui” by Paulina Rubio

“I Drive Me Mad” by renforshort

Episode 2

“Jingle Bells” by Randy Van Horne Singers

“Popping Bitch” by

“Wild Girl (Paul Woolford Remix)” by Kito, Empress Of

“Born This Way” by Lady Gaga

“Vitamin P” by Dai Berger & Baja Frequencia

“Deluxxx” by Dai Berger

“Dive” by The Seshan

“6/10” by Dodie

“Ways” by Tasha the Amazon

“Awesome” by Dylan Rockoff

“Break Apart” by Bonobo ft. Rhye

“Faraway” by Ruben Dawnson

“Duck Duck Goose” by Cupcakke

Episode 3

“Soy Lo Que Soy” by Monogem

“Hard” by Serena Isioma

“Time (You and I)” by Khruangbin

“Outside” by grouptherapy.

“I Love It” by Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX

“Party Everyday” by Cindy Alma

“Now That You Need Me” by Taylor McFerrin

“Something Inside” by TTRRUUCES

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