Taylor Lautner Recreates His Most Iconic Twilight Moment With Jimmy Fallon! WATCH!

TikTok is going to eat this up!

Taylor Lautner may have some mixed feelings about the Twilight phenomenon, but he’s clearly still in touch with what the Twi-hards want. Specifically, there’s one particular Jacob Black meme that has made the rounds in recent years — and the actor is totally in on the joke.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from his recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the 29-year-old approached host Jimmy Fallon (who was reading the novel that started it all) and delivered his famous line:

“Jimmy! Where the hell have you been, loca?!”

After the pair embrace, the television personality noted:

“It’s brutal out there today, huh?”

Over the Twilight theme music, Taylor replied with a wink:

“Oh, yeah. It’s a cold one.”

(Remember when Jacob’s werewolf warmth kept Bella warm during a snowstorm? Steamy!)

Ch-ch-check out the hilarious vid (below):

Recently, the Scream Queens alum opened up about how the overwhelming fame of the vampire franchise left him anxious and “scared to go out.” However, he reflected:

“Four, five years ago, I would have said maybe I wish that I didn’t go through it. But if you ask me now, now I say, no, I am happy because of what it’s taught me. It’s made me who I am right now and for that I’m thankful.”

We’re thankful too, because clearly, Taylor’s performance of Jacob Black was iconic!

Watch his full Fallon interview (below):

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