T.I. Blames Arrest in Amsterdam on Language Barrier, Says No Big Deal

T.I.‘s still super chill about his recent bust in Amsterdam … which he’s now calling “a slight kerfuffle” with a dash of “lost in translation.”

We got the rapper and his wife, Tiny, Wednesday as they returned to the States, flying into LAX. We asked him to shed some light on the run-in with cops in the Netherlands, and he said the whole thing was a slight miscommunication.

That checks out, ’cause T.I. says he didn’t even realize he was talking to a cop! He says the guy’s dialect — a mix of Dutch and English — totally threw him off.

All good though … T.I. didn’t seem stressed about it then — he posted video while in custody — and still doesn’t now, saying all’s well that ends well.

As we reported … Tip said he was riding a bicycle when his handlebar broke off the side mirror on a cop car. It’s still unclear how the collision happened … and T.I. couldn’t recall any further detail when we asked at LAX.

Moments after he was released, T.I. he went on Instagram Live and chalked up the whole to the cop having a bad morning.

He and Tiny had been in Europe celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary, and despite the arrest … they told us the trip was phenomenal.

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