Supermodel and Mom-To-Be Ashley Graham Just Posted This on Instagram and Fans Are Loving It

You can count on supermodel Ashley Graham for keeping it real. She recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram, and the first-time mom-to-be is proudly showing the world the physical changes that come along with expectant motherhood.

Double celebration

On August 14, Graham and her husband Justin Ervin celebrated their nine-year wedding anniversary, along with another joyous announcement, as reported by USA Today. “Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life. It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world!” she posted on Instagram. “Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, @mrjustinervin ❤️ Life is about to get even better. “

Ervin also posted a tribute to his wife, showcasing a photo of the happy couple along with a sonogram picture. “To my forever love and my daily inspiration,” he captioned the image on Instagram. “Happy anniversary @ashleygraham These 9 years have played out like a lifetime. I guess it’s because my life really started once you came into it. Now that we’ve made a life together, let’s make a life together. I love you and I love us. All of us…”

Keeping it real

Fans love Graham for her vocal stance on body positivity, consistently encouraging women to embrace their body own personal type. She sets an example of this mindset by making sure none of her photos are retouched, whether they are professional images or personal social media posts. She advises other women to avoid filters on social media so they can accept and be proud of their true selves. “The more you’re vulnerable with the people you’re sharing with, the easier it is to be who you are. That’s why I always tell women, just be who you are. Don’t retouch your photos,” she recently told Today.

Graham also shared a daily practice she started several years ago to build her self-esteem and self-acceptance. The supermodel created positive daily affirmations for herself that she recites in the mirror. “I had to come up with mantras and affirmations. I had to repeat it to myself every single day in order to really embody that woman, and it took years,” she told Jenna Bush Hager on Today.

The mom-to-be described how this daily affirmation helped her and can help others. “Talk to yourself In the mirror. It’s only going to change your attitude toward your body,” she told Today.  “I think what’s happened for me is over time I’ve really just looked in the mirror and I’ve told myself, ‘You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.’ And I say ‘I am’ because anything that I say ‘I am’ after, is.”

Graham also added that each person’s affirmation should be tailored for themselves. “Everybody’s mantra is different,” she said. “I see a lot of moms on Instagram writing on their mirrors ‘I love myself, I love my hair, I’m smart – it’s not just about looks, it’s being ok with who you are.” 

Props for the post

Practicing what she preaches, Graham took to Instagram again to show the changes that pregnancy can bring to a woman’s body. Baring it all in an apparently naked photo of herself with her hand covering her breast, Graham revealed her body completely unfiltered showing her stretch marks and veins, simply with the caption, “Same same but a little different.”

According to People, Graham’s post was met with accolades, including from some famous followers. Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum commented, “My Lord, THANK YOU for this.” Model Lily Aldridge and actress Niecy Nash replied to Graham’s post with a series of red heart emojis.

Fans flocked to her post with praise for the supermodel. “I freaking love you for this. THIS is what real women look like. This is me, what I look like. Fabulous empowering amazing beautiful fearless!!!” one follower wrote.

Other followers commended Graham for being such a positive role model for young girls. “This is what girls need to see. We need this as a reference for real and relatable. Women young and old. Thank you!” a fan posted.

Graham’s fans and followers will surely look out for her upcoming posts throughout her pregnancy. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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