Starbucks Won’t Allow Employees Wear Gear That Supports Black Lives Matter For This Reason

Starbucks is coming under fire for their new memo sent out to employees.

Just a few days ago, the coffee company vowed on Twitter to “stand in solidarity with our Black partners, customers and communities” while also showing their commitment to Black Lives Matter, saying they want to be “part of the change.”

However in a new memo obtained by BuzzFeed News, Starbucks is banning baristas and employees from wearing T-shirts, pins, or any other accessory that mentions Black Lives Matter.

Starbucks also explicitly states that all Black Lives Matter attire is prohibited from what employees are allowed to wear, which also includes any type of political, religious, or personal accessories or clothing.

In Starbucks’ memo, the company reportedly warned employees that “agitators who misconstrue the fundamental principles” of the movement could seek to “amplify divisiveness” if the messages are displayed in stores.

“We know your intent is genuine and understand how personal this is for so many of us,” the memo reads. “This is important and we hear you.”

A Starbucks spokesperson confirmed the memo’s authenticity to BuzzFeed saying that the dress code policy is in place “to create a safe and welcoming” environment at Starbucks locations.

“We respect all of our partners’ opinions and beliefs, and encourage them to bring their whole selves to work while adhering to our dress code policy,” the spokesperson said.

Numerous employees told Buzzfeed, however, that Starbucks regularly allows – or even encourages – employees to wear pins in support of LGBTQ equality, especially during Pride Month every June.

“Starbucks LGBTQ+ partners wear LGBTQ+ pins and shirts, that also could incite and create violent experiences amongst partners and customers,” a black transgender Starbucks employee shared. “We have partners who experienced harassment and transphobia/homophobia for wearing their pins and shirts, and Starbucks still stands behind them.”

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