Stacey Solomon documents plane journey with five kids as family set off on ‘adventure’

Stacey Solomon has once again delighted fans with her down to earth attitude as she took to social media to document her family’s long-awaited summer holiday, including taking a flight with her five children.

The much-loved Sort Your Life Out star took to Instagram on Thursday as she and husband Joe Swash boarded a flight to a mystery location with their adorable kids.

In a series of photos shared by the star, Joe and Stacey could be seen taking turns to entertain their youngest little ones both at the airport and on the flight itself, as they excitedly jetted off for ten whole days of summertime fun.

Captioning the carousel of images, Stacey wrote: “And so the adventure begins. So excited for ten days of summer with my whole world. P.S the big boys are here too they were just asleep as soon as we got on the plane.”

Interestingly, several eagle eyed fans of the star noticed that she and her family were travelling in economy class for the trip, something that clearly resonated with many of her followers who praised Stacey for showing that even a celebrity lifestyle was still possible on a modest budget.

“She is flying economy (when she could afford business if she wanted to) because she hates being seen as anything other then normal. She is the most normal down to earth person who never wastes money!” gushed one fan in the comments section.

Several other fans also couldn’t get over quite how tanned both Joe and Stacey were looking before their holiday, with one even cheekily commenting they were so tanned “they looked like they were coming back!”

Even Stacey herself got in on the joke when she revealed in her stories that she and Joe had been spray tanned ahead of their holiday, with the pair laughing together as they admitted they would be “coming home paler than when they left!”

The family were clearly in their element as they sported their golden tans in white ensembles, with Belle, Rose and Rex also keen to get in on the monochrome and neutral toned looks with their own complimentary outfits in similar shades.

Although the full details of the trip’s itinerary and destination are still under wraps, fans at home have also been enjoying themselves as they speculated where exactly the family were heading after spotting several clues on the plane – including a flight safety card written in Turkish, indicating that the Middle Eastern nation could be the intended final destination for the trip.

“You're coming to Turkey… flying with Pegasus… I hope you are coming to Fethiye…” guessed one fan.

While a second had a different theory as they penned: “Malta! The Lauda plane in the background is a Maltese airline!”

Meanwhile another follower commented simply: “Dubai?”

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