Sofia Wylie & Corbin Bleu Team Up For New Original Song ‘Different Way to Dance’ On ‘HSMTMTS’ – Watch Now!

Sofia Wylie and Corbin Bleu had possibly the best moment in the latest episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series!

The new Wildcat and the OG teamed up for a new, original musical number, “Different Way to Dance” in episode six.

Spoiler alert – yes, it’s a dream sequence, just like the Lucas Grabeel musical number in season one, and it happens after Sofia‘s Gina gets hit in the head with a basketball right in front of Corbin.

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Ahead of the season, after re-watching the first two seasons, Corbin expressed that he was moved to “see another young person of color” at the center of the franchise, according to People, and told creator Tim Federle that he really wanted to do a dance number with her!

“I had said to [Tim Federle], ‘If I don’t get to do a dance number with Sofia I think we’re completely missing out,’” Corbin said. “And he made it happen.”

Sofia added that it was of course, a pinch-me moment.

“I really did grow up watching the [HSM] movies and loving his character,” she shared. “I just loved him and I loved his talent and who he was as a person. Then, getting to meet him and actually know him intimately, he was exactly who I thought he was going to be.”

“I really had to work my butt off and keep up [with him],” she added.

Check out “A Different Way to Dance” now!

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