Social Media Star ‘Bikini Hiker’ Falls From Mountain, Freezes To Death

We have heartbreaking news for followers of the “Bikini Hiker.”

Gigi Wu, who became famous for hiking to the tops of mountains then changing into a bikini and taking wild selfies, has died.

The social media star, also sometimes called the “Bikini Climber”, was hiking the Batongguan Historic Trail in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park on Saturday when she fell down a ravine and injured herself.

She was able to call for help using a satellite phone, but due to bad weather conditions rescue helicopters had a hard time reaching her.

Using the sat-phone, Wu told friends she had fallen a distance between 65-100 feet and could not move the lower half of her body.

On Monday, after hiking for 28 hours straight, a rescue team found her body. She had succumbed to the freezing temperature of the mountains.

She was just 36 years old.

Here are some of the photos for which Wu became famous:

#塔芬山 舊高3038M 新高3090M舊序098 新序091。基點:二等1679 中央山脈南段/南二段達芬山 八銳-8花蓮縣卓溪鄉&高雄市桃源區廢言:哈哈,沒事,突然有感而發,雖不是每座山都能幸運有藍天,但我的取捨之間,還是滿足了(想到有討厭我的人走這一段全貢菇,還是覺得蠻開心了^^, 我很小心眼XXXD)

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