Snooki: Spotted! Filming Jersey Shore! Is She Back?!?

To quote master poet Marshall “Eminem” Mathers, guess who’s back.

Back again.

Snooki is, indeed back. Go tell a friend!

Granted, we have have paraphrased the aforementioned rapper a bit there at the endd — but that doesn’t change the bottom and very exciting line:

Snooki is returning to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

This isn’t just conjecture, either.

TMZ has obtained and published a photo that features Snooki grabbing lunch with co-star Angelina last week at Lucco Cucina + Bar in Florham Park, New Jersey.

And, no, this was not just a meet-up unrelated to Jersey Shore.

In the snapshot, one can see a producer — responsibly wearing a mask — at a table alongside the reality stars, with the lighting clearly staged all around them for filming.

Was this a one-time guest appearance?

Or might Snooki be coming back as a full-time cast member?

The long-time and very popular star took fans by major surprise in December 2019 when she announced her departure from the series.

“There’s reasons why I’ve come to this decision…it’s definitely a hard decision…I’m gonna throw up,” she said/sorrt of rambled at the time.

“OK, you guys, I love you so much and don’t hate me for my decision, but I have to do what’s best for me at the moment, and I am retiring from Jersey Shore.”

She added that she would not appear on Season 4 of the program, a vow that came to fruition when she played no role on the show this past spring.

What prompted Snooki to arrive at this decision?

“I hate being away from the kids, I don’t like partying three days in a row, it’s just not my life anymore,” the 32-year-old explained, continuing as follows:

“And I wanna be home with the kids.

“I don’t mind a here or there going to a dinner or whatever, but it’s just really hard on me to leave the kids and film the show.”

Snooki is married to Jionni LaValle.

The couple shares a seven-year old named Lorenzo; a five-year old named Giovanna; and a six-month old named Angelo

Speaking to Us Weekly about a month after her initial announcement, Snooki emphasized the need to be home for her eldest.

“My son is 7. So when we came back from Miami, I was gone for two weeks, then I came home for a night and then left for another two weeks. That literally scarred him,” Snooki told the tabloid.

So, what has changed for Snooki over the past year or so?

We can’t say for certain.

But she and Angelina have been at extreme odds ever since the former — along with other bridesmaids — roasted the latter at Angelina’s wedding back in the day.

The two haven’t talked since.

Like we asked above, will Snooki be making a cameo on Season 5 just to bury the hatchet with Angelina… and promote her new TV gig as host of “Beach Cabana Royale” on Discovery+?

Or is she really coming back for good?

We’ll find out soon.

And we can’t wait to do so!

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