Skai Jackson Tangos With Alan Bersten On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Premiere (Video)

Skai Jackson hit the dance floor for her first dance on the season 29 premiere of Dancing With The Stars on Monday (September 14) from Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old Disney star performed the tango with her partner Alan Bersten.

Skai‘s dancing really impressed the judges, earning her the first sevens of the night, for a total of 21/30!

Skai and Alan‘s tango was danced to Nicki Minaj‘s song “Super Bass.”

“I think we nailed it! @dancingabc,” Skai wrote on Instagram.

“I had a blast dancing … make sure you guys vote for me next week!!” she added on Twitter.

Skai recently opened up about dancing and bringing the energy on the dance floor.

“I feel like when you’re dancing, especially how we’re doing it on live television, you need to give that energy to the camera which is mainly with your face,” she told EW. “You can be doing the dance moves 100% but if your face looks confused it might ruin the dance. That’s something that me and my dance partner have been working on a lot — serving face with confidence and with that energy that people can read on-screen and off-screen.”

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