Shawn Mendes "Hates" His New Reality After His Breakup with Camila Cabello

Breakups are never easy, even when you’re an objectively successful and talented person who still seems to be on pretty good terms with your ex, like Shawn Mendes, for example.

Shawn has been teasing new music and in a recent video posted on Twitter and Instagram, he opened up about the personal feels behind the songs’ lyrics. The 38-second clip features Shawn seated at a piano and speaking truth about his current emotional state and how he’s coping (/struggling to cope) with life since he and Camila Cabello split last fall.

“You don’t realize when you’re breaking up with someone … all the sh*t that comes after it,” he explains in the candid video. “Which is like, who do I call when I am, like, in a panic attack, who do I call when I am, like, f*cking on the edge, you know? And I think that’s the reality that kinda I am on my own now after like, finally I am actually on my own and I hate that … that’s my reality, you know.”

Shawn dropped the clip on IG and Twitter without any caption or explanation on either platform, but the content speaks for itself.

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