‘Schitt’s Creek’ Alexis Rose wants a high-end spa for the holidays

“Schitt’s Creek” actress Annie Murphy gave the internet a wonderful present by answering Page Six’s questions as her ditzy, yet oh-so-lovable character Alexis Rose. 

The holidays are coming to Schitt’s Creek — Yay, David!

Despite the Rose family losing all their money and moving into a motel in the middle of nowhere, Alexis Rose has some high hopes for gifts this holiday season.

“A spa. Not like a trip to the spa, but like … a high-end spa,” the socialite told Page Six. “There’s so much room in the back of the motel to build one, and I keep saying that a high-end spa would be super cute and useful. And beneficial to everybody.”

Alexis also told us she wanted a puppy, but for reasons that will become clear, she’s changed her mind.

“I would say that I wanted a fluffy little puppy, but the last time I asked for that, my ex-boyfriend got me an entire room of fluffy little puppies,” she tells us. “Like literally hundreds of puppies. They were covered in so much hair and one of them peed on my arm, and I was like, ‘Oh, oops! I actually hate fluffy little puppies.’”

Even though she might be lacking the closet space, Alexis is also dreaming of a fashionable Chrismukkah.

“A tiny little trip to my favorite little boutiques in Paris to completely overhaul my wardrobe just a little bit for a few weeks to a month,” she said.

And finally, her last gift, shows just how selfless Alexis Rose can be. She would like Twitter to verify her with a blue check mark on social media.

“Although, if I’m actually thinking about it, it would be giving Twitter and Instagram a gift to have me as an influencer,” she told us. “Oh my God! That’s like … a really Christmassy gesture. I would like to give Twitter and Instagram the gift of having me as an official influencer with a blue check.”

Tune in to the “Schitt’s Creek” holiday special on Dec. 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Pop TV to see what Alexis actually gets for the holidays.

Hint: It’s none of these things.

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