Sam Asghari Says Britney Spears Will Perform Again Soon, Hopefully

Britney Spears‘ boyfriend is as hopeful as her fans she’ll return to performing, and seems to think it could happen soon … but admittedly he’s got his fingers metaphorically crossed.

Sam Asghari was leaving an intense and sweaty workout at Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym in L.A. Wednesday when he blurted out something that could send Brit’s followers into a tizzy … claiming she’ll “absolutely” take the stage again soon.

His absolute statement was quickly followed up with a mumbled “hopefully” — so it doesn’t sound like there’s any solid plan in place just yet.

As for recent developments in Britney’s conservatorship case — like her father Jamie agreeing to step down — Sam has another brief response … with some added muscle.

Speaking of which, Sam makes a quick pitch to the producers of ‘Fast & Furious 10’ for a role and he’s certainly taking his acting and fitness goals seriously.

He’s been on a hot streak this year — with appearances on shows like “Hacks” and “Black Monday” — so don’t count him out … as long as he continues to avoid those ice cream sundaes.

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