Sabrina Carpenter Opens Up About Working With Joey King In Another Project Soon

Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King are some of the cutest BFFs ever.

Earlier this year, Joey actually starred in Sabrina‘s “Sue Me” music video and Sabrina is opening up about possibly working on another project with her again soon.

“I’ve actually been talking to so many people about this recently because we could totally do a Tina Fey/Amy Poehler style comedy,” Sabrina shared in a new interview.

She continues, “We have so much fun together. We had the best time making the ‘Sue Me’ video.”

Sabrina adds that she’ll just have to write the perfect project for them.

“Maybe we just have to write it. Maybe we have to do the whole thing. It will be fun when it happens,” she said.

We’re in for this!

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