Richard Kay: The royal courtiers were so mad about Duchess Meghan’s BFA photos

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Richard Kay writes for the Daily Mail. Kay was one of Diana’s “favorite” journalists – she leaked information to him quite regularly, and she used Kay to get our her side of particular stories. He was always known as one of Diana’s favorites, which has given him some cachet as a “royal journalist in the know” in years since Diana’s passing. He’s generally thought to have good connections within the palaces, mostly among the courtiers and communications offices. So… Kay has written a big piece about the Duchess of Sussex, and how she’s Duchess Different (as opposed to Duchess Difficult), and that Meghan needs to do more to change so she can become more like a regular old royal. It’s basically an older white dude telling Meghan that she needs to stop having such a toxic family, and she needs to stop being so glamorous and popular. I’m sure it will work! You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

The boomerang social media photo Meghan did at the British Fashion Awards: The nature of traditional and mundane official visits by other members of the Royal Family in recent days underscores how flashy Meghan’s seem to be in comparison…But what is so curious about the arty black-and- white picture of Meghan is that no sooner was it posted on the British Fashion Council’s Instagram account than it was abruptly deleted. Some at the palace were not impressed by her posing for such an image. ‘There was something ostentatious in the way she posed holding her bump, plus she was wearing dark nail varnish that the Queen hates,’ says a source. ‘It wouldn’t be surprising if, aware of that, the duchess herself asked for it to be taken down.’

Meghan is a complete novice at royaling: An experienced hand at Hollywood, Meghan is a complete novice at the much more complicated business of British Royal Family public relations. Coming at a time when rumours have surfaced that all is not well between Meghan and her sister-in-law and Kensington Palace neighbour the Duchess of Cambridge, together with reports of tensions with staff, the removal of the fashion awards picture has stoked up suggestions that these are unsettling times for the former actress.

Kate got help, and Meghan needs to get help too: Kate, however, met the challenge by getting help. In the early days, the worldly Camilla took her under her wing and Kate, of course, throughout, had the sensible and practical support of her family, especially her mother Carole Middleton. Kate’s introduction to full-time royal life was gradual, cautious even, and to start with mostly as a support act to Prince William. However, Meghan has adopted a rather different approach.

Meghan actually works & wakes up early, gasp: Last month, it emerged that she sometimes sends emails to staff at 5am. Insiders say she likes to communicate using emojis in her missives. Friends point out that she rises early because of the eight-hour time difference with California where her mother lives, making it easier to reach friends and family on the phone. They also suggest that rising early might be connected to her pregnancy.

Monica & Chandler:
Inside Buckingham Palace, waspish below-stairs staff jokily refer to Meghan and Harry as ‘Monica and Chandler’ after two of the characters in the long-running American sitcom Friends.

Where is Doria? Though Harry and Meghan will not stay long [at Sandringham], as it is thought they intend to spend time with the duchess’s mother Doria Ragland at their rented retreat in Oxfordshire. Ms Ragland is not due to visit Sandringham. Should she wish to go, I understand, room will be made available for yoga-loving Doria. The Queen is determined that the lessons of the past must be learned. ‘She simply will not allow Meghan to feel unwelcome,’ a courtier tells me. ‘Even at her great age she is putting a lot of effort in to ensure there is family harmony.’

The Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday: Behind the scenes there will be some discreet clock-watching. Flunkeys will be checking to see how long the Sussexes spend at the festivities. Last year, they were among the last to arrive and the first to leave. For her part, the Queen is very understanding and Meghan is certainly not the first young royal to make a public misjudgment.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is all so friggin’ dumb. It pains me to see how much bullsh-t Meghan has to put up with for merely existing. Here are some random points I’d like to make, in general, after reading this piece. One, perhaps Meghan and Harry left the palace lunch early last year because that racist bitch Princess Michael was wearing a blackamoor brooch? Two, the royals are literally freaking out because… Meghan is glamorous, popular and a hard-worker. Three, calling them “Monica and Chandler” is the kind of dated cultural reference I would expect from palace courtiers. Four, people are really, really triggered when they see a black woman doing ANYTHING. “How dare she wear nail polish!” “How dare she touch her bump!” “How dare she wake up early!” “How dare she be organized!” What they’re trying to say is “how dare she be black!”

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