Richard Eden: The Sussexes ‘increased the danger of attacks’ on the Windsors

One of the most bonkers things about covering royal race relations was the slow realization that, in the UK, the press tends to blame racists and victims of racism equally. There’s a sense of “wow, that person is terribly racist, but how dare someone point that out.” This was magnified by everything about and around the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan was victimized by blatant racism and racist dog whistles from the very start. She and Harry were targeted by a racist press, which then incited more racist bullsh-t against the Sussexes. There were absolutely moments when I was sure that the Windsors, the British media and many British people wanted to do very real harm to Meghan. And whenever she or Harry pointed any of that out, they were attacked for calling out racism, for being “woke,” for being troublemakers, for being too sensitive. It was like it was their fault for… being victimized. Anyway…

— Richard Eden (@richardaeden) December 28, 2021

Imagine the kind of moronic train of thought that goes into this. Meghan and Harry fled this toxic country – as there were open moves to exile them “to Africa” – and managed to survive and thrive in America, even without royal protection, and even with the UK press openly harassing them and talking about how Meghan needed to die for the good of the royal family. Literally!! And now Harry and Meghan are being blamed for *talking* about how they were victimized by racism and… they’re being blamed for what exactly? As I said, it’s moronic.

One good thing did come out of Eden’s tweet – people kept bringing up Prince William’s alleged affair with Rose Hanbury:

Enjoy your evening.

— Alex Tiffin (@RespectIsVital) December 28, 2021

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