'RHONY's' Eboni K. Williams Sour Over Nixed Reunion, Teases New Season

Eboni K. Williams is pissed she and her ‘Real Housewives’ costars won’t have a reunion to clear the air — but she’s also making (and teasing) a lot of lemonade from these lemons.

The newest star of ‘RHONY’ — who really stirred the pot this season — dished on Bravo axing a post-show get-together with Andy Cohen, which is custom with all the ‘Housewives’ show … and almost always happens, no matter what.

That won’t be happening this time around, though — Bravo chalked it up to “scheduling challenges — and when a photog asked Eboni about it in NYC at the release party for Dave Quinn‘s new book this week … she was honest.

Check out the clip … it sounds like she feels there’s unfinished business (and beef, we’re sure) that she was hoping to hash out at the would-be reunion, and she’s pretty sour her series debut won’t get the traditional follow-up that every other spin-off has enjoyed.

She gives some examples, BTW — and sure enough, it appears there might be some racial tension and lingering hurt feelings Eboni wants to address head-on with some of her castmates … dovetailing a recurring theme this season, that may or may not have hurt ‘RHONY’ ratings.

As we reported … there’s been a feeling that Eboni’s focus on racial conversations might’ve been the reason this season of ‘RHONY’ dragged in viewership — even though she’s disputed that.

Anyway, Eboni does what anyone in this business does best — and that would be professional spinning and plugging of a new season to come … which she says she’ll use to button up these still-festering issues. Way to leave us on a cliffhanger, E … stay tuned!

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