Report: Amber Heard’s Father Made Death Threats Toward Johnny Depp During Nasty Divorce

David Clinton Heard is accused of threatening to shoot his former son-in-law in a phone conversation with auto repair shop owner David Killackey, who did works on the then-couple’s classic cars.

AceShowbiz -David Killackey, who owns auto repair shop Performance Allison Transmissions, has spoken up against Amber Heard amid her ongoing legal battle with Johnny Depp. In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Killackey testifies that the actress’ father once made death threats toward his former son-in-law.

Killackey, who did works on the then-couple’s classic cars, says the actress became verbally abusive towards him when he asked for payment on his service. Killackey told Heard that all automotive work being done would need to be paid directly instead of going through Depp’s management.

Killackey claims he then received “what can only be described as an extremely hostile response from Heard.” Killackey states despite his best effort to “convey to her that I did not wish to get in the middle of the dispute between her and Mr. Depp,” Heard’s first reaction “was to verbally abuse me with expletives, threats and a continued rant over what she claimed was an unfortunate financial downturn of her personal finances caused by Mr. Depp.”

Killackey says “at one point she said ‘you motherf***er,’ you’re screwing me!”, adding that “the verbal abuse continued including the words f***er, a**hole, motherf***er, etc.” Killackey continues, “The final phone conversation I had with her was very unpleasant for me. I had had enough of the verbal abuse and threats and decided to no longer respond to the attempted text and phone calls from Ms. Heard.”

Killackey additionally claims that he “received many text messages and phone calls from Amber’s father, Mr. David Heard” and “after the separation of Amber and Mr. Depp, Mr. Heard became very bitter towards Mr. Depp.” During a phone call with Heard’s father David Clinton Heard, Killackey claims Mr. Heard said of his then-son-in-law, “That f***ing piece of s**t is f***ing me too because I’m supposed to get 10% of the money and without it I can’t produce the movie I was gunna make!” and “He is ruining my baby girl’s career and blackballing her in Hollywood.”

Heard’s father allegedly continued, “and when I get to him I’m going to beat the s**t out of him” and “I’m from Texas, and men from Texas carry 45’s and Johnny is going to meet the f***ing end of mine!” When Killackey suggested to Mr. Heard that he sounded he was drunk, the latter replied, “Yeah, maybe I am and I’m going to shove the whiskey bottle up your a**!” Killackey says he “strongly advised him to stop making death threats about Johnny and threats of violence against me.”

Following Killackey’s testimony, Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman says, “Mr. Killackey’s chilling first-hand experience with Amber Heard and her family exposes the motive behind Amber Heard’s abuse hoax – money. Money is why Amber Heard moved her sister and four other co-conspirators into Johnny Depp’s multimillion-dollar penthouses rent-free. Money is why Amber Heard chopped Mr. Depp’s finger off with a thrown vodka bottle the day his attorneys asked her to sign a post-nuptial agreement.”

Depp is suing Heard for defamation after the “Aquaman” star penned an article for The Washington Post, claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse. The trial has been postponed for six months after the “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” actor failed to produce all of the requested records related to his drug and alcohol usage on time.

Heard’s team responded by stating that “Mr. Depp has made it clear that his strategy is to try to run out the clock during the holiday season so that Ms. Heard is unable to obtain critical evidence and testimony to corroborate her defenses to the baseless defamation suit he filed against her.”

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