Repair Shop star’s wife knows he’s struggling if he has telltale item in public

Jay Blades, 53, has spoken candidly about his mental health in a revealing interview with former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, 34, on his podcast Big Fish with Spencer Matthews.

The Repair Shop discussed the special item that, when he carries it around in public, signifies to his wife that he’s struggling.

Jay, who has been married once before, tied the knot with his current wife Lisa Zbozen back in November in a Barbados ceremony.

Opening up about his vulnerable side, Jay spoke about his beloved teddy bear, and why it lets his wife know he’s feeling nervous.

“I’ve even got a teddy bear,” the star admitted. “If you ever see me walking with a teddy bear, you will know, Jay doesn’t feel very comfortable.

“The missus – we’ve got it up there in the house, I leave it there – and she’s like, ‘If you take that teddy bear, I know I’ve got to call you at least three times, because you’re feeling a bit nervous’.

“I’ve only taken the teddy bear out once, and that was when I had to do a conference,” he continued.

“I was speaking at this big place. I didn’t really feel very confident. I walked in with a teddy bear… And there’s like a thousand people.

“So I said to them, I don’t feel very confident. I feel quite nervous. So I’ve got my teddy bear to help me out. I see you smiling.”

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Speaking about Jay’s period of suicidal thoughts and depression, Spencer asked the star if he had ever received any professional help.

“I had three counsellors,” Jay confirmed. “I had a physical counsellor that I would see.

“Then I had two that I would speak to over the phone. I had a lot of support, and then I had family members – the one thing that really worked for me.

“I mean, unbelievably, and if I knew this, when I was a teenager, I think I might be running the country.

“I’m confident I am. But basically, it’s a case of my vulnerability – when I showed my vulnerability, wow, I just flew…

“I’ve just got rid of that macho male, ‘Oh, I’m tough as nails, I can handle this’. I can’t handle it, and if I can’t, I’m going to tell someone, ‘Look, I feel a bit rubbish’.”

Listen to the full interview on the Big Fish with Spencer Matthews podcast on Global Player now.

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