Ray J Hits $17k Jackpot Playing Penny Slots at Casino

Ray J‘s living proof the rich just get richer … because his investment yielded a 17,000 percent return on his investment … yes, 17,000 PERCENT!!!

Ray J was playing a penny-slot game called “Buffalo” and won $17,000. We’re told he plunked down a total of $100 so, yeah, it was a good day at the slots.

In case you want in … Ray hit up the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino County. It was quite the scene … a crowd gathered to watch Ray J rake in the dough.

He played the slots because he considers himself an old man now, and that’s what old folks do. BTW … he’s 40.

Ray has retired his days as a big gambler on table games, particularly roulette … and his most recent lucky streak is probably a sign that’s a good idea.

It’s not like he needs money … Ray’s Raycon earbuds hit a milestone earlier this year … 1 million unique customers who paid between $80 and $150 a pop. Translation … he made a fortune, and that’s just on one product.

A penny for your thoughts, Ray.

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