Raven Symone Comments on Don’t Say Gay Bill: ‘There Should Be a Don’t Say Straight Bill’ Too

Raven Symone is opening up about her thoughts on the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, aka the Parental Rights in Education bill, in Florida.

During a recent appearance on the Today show, the Raven’s Home star was asked about what she thinks, following her and her castmates joining a Disney walkout last week.

“I’m going to say this, and this is my thing: If there’s a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, there should be a ‘Don’t Say Straight’ bill,” she said.

See what else she said inside…

“It’s not fair, and there are multiple kinds of humans in this world, and you are ruining the psyche, the confidence of so many young children because you are discrediting their parents, the people they love, the people that raised them, the people that teach them the manners when they walk into that schoolroom,” Raven added. “So if you’re not going to honor their family, your family shouldn’t be honored either. So let’s just make it even/equal, maybe.”

Here’s what The Walt Disney Company plans to do in response to the bill being signed into law by the Florida governor.

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