Prince William apparently refuses to invite Harry to his big 40th birthday party

Now that the fakakta memorial is over, it’s time for the Windsor clan and their sycophantic reporters to focus on the next big event which Prince Harry will “need” to attend. They are truly doing the most, constantly, to get Harry to come back. “It’s Taco Tuesday, Harry will surely come back to see his grandmother for Taco Tuesday.” It’s manipulative AF and it’s also obvious AF. Well, obviously, the next big Event To Get Harry Back will be the Platinum Jubbly. But there’s something else coming up this summer: Prince William’s 40th birthday. Reportedly, a huge blowout party will be held. And sources already want people to know that William refuses to invite Harry, shock of shocks.

Although it was thought that they would be ‘burying the hatchet’ when they reunite for the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations this summer, one source is now claiming that William has decided against inviting Harry to his 40th birthday. According to heat magazine, the Duke – who will celebrate the milestone on 21st June – reportedly believes it will ‘bring a whole fresh set of problems’ if Harry and Meghan attend, and feels that Harry’s decision not to attend Prince Philip’s memorial has caused more issues between them.

A source said: ‘William still loves Harry – that will never change – but his apparent insensitivity makes him persona non grata at the moment and it will take some miracle for that to change. The feeling is that, even if Harry and Meghan decided to come to William’s celebration, and that is a big if, their presence would bring a whole fresh set of problems, and nobody wants that. The sad truth is that William barely recognises, let alone relates to, his younger brother any more.’

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William “barely recognizes” Harry? Harry, who has continued his charity work? Harry who moved to California to protect his wife and children? Now suddenly is Harry unrecognizable? I was curious if this was really happening, and apparently Katie Nicholl did have some thoughts. Sources told Entertainment Tonight that “there have been no engagements where Harry has been ‘banned.’” And yet, Nicholl confirms that William hasn’t invited Harry to his birthday party:

“[Harry’s absence from Philip’s memorial], has of course, raised questions about relationships with his family and even with the queen, who he was once so close to. We know that Prince Harry was totally able to come over to the United Kingdom, he obviously feels he can’t because of the security situation with his family,” Nicholl shared. “But he’s come over very safely before, he did it twice last year. and he’s coming over for the Invictus Games, so, I think a lot of people are wondering why he can’t be there for such an important family occasion, given he hasn’t seen the queen since last summer.”

That rift still appears to be there between the brothers, with the source telling ET that the relationship between the once inseparable brothers remains “complicated,” sharing that the pair lead “very separate lives,” which is the very reason Nicholl shared that Harry wasn’t invited to his brother’s birthday.

“William didn’t invite Harry to a party at Kensington Palace following the unveiling of Diana’s statue to thank some of those who had been involved in actually getting the statue to happen, and I think the idea that everything is going to be fine and he’s going to have Harry at his 40th birthday is simply not going to happen,” Nicholl added. “It’s very obvious that this is now a distant relationship. It’s very clear this is a distant relationship. There is an ocean between them. There is a lot of unresolved issues and it’s simply not the case that we are going to see happy family reunions.”

Another source tells ET, “The family is still concerned about what private family matters may be revealed in Harry’s upcoming memoir and that creates a complicated situation.”

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Re: the reception at Kensington Palace for the Diana statue… the story at the time was that Harry had been invited but that he rudely snubbed the invitation. Now Nicholl says that William didn’t invite Harry, just like William hasn’t invited Harry to Will’s b-day party. Now the excuse is that, well, Harry didn’t come to the memorial, sniff. Anyway, I continue to believe that Salt Island keeps coming up with all of these dumb “events” specifically to lure Harry back. The only problem for William is that it’s clear that he doesn’t want Harry back at all. William just doesn’t want to take the hit on not wanting Harry back, because William knows he’ll look petty, small, jealous and short-sighted. Whoops, too late!

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