Prince Harry has been ‘intensely focused’ on investigating his mother’s death

While watching The Princess on HBO, I was struck by several things all at once. One of those things: just how thoroughly the royal establishment ran a play on Princess Diana, and how they repeated that same play on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The play was and is “Diana is crazy/fragile, she talks too much, she’s too public, she’s dangerous to everyone around her.” I was struck by how much jealousy there was about Diana’s beauty and charisma and how thoroughly Charles ruined her life. The Princess also did an extraordinary job of showing how happy Diana was in the final year of her life, how she had come into her own, how she was making plans for her future and those plans didn’t involve staying quiet or staying in the UK. I was left with the real feeling of “wow, Diana would have made the Windsors’ lives hell for years and years to come.” Which brings me to this… maybe Harry still has serious questions about his mother’s death in Paris.

Prince Harry has been “intensely focused” on investigating Princess Diana’s final hours for his new book. Official judicial sources in Paris say the Duke of Sussex’s researchers have been seeking information about the car crash that killed his mother 25 years ago.

They are believed to be involved in the ghost-written memoir that Harry is set to release this year, and related TV and podcast projects.

One source, who was involved in the original crash investigation, said: “There have been approaches which suggest Prince Harry is intensely focused on getting more information about his mother’s death. There are plenty of people in France who recall the night of the accident. It’s only normal that Diana’s son should want to learn more about it for his book.”

Royal commentators say the book will focus heavily on his anguish following his mother’s death in August 1997. Harry, 37, blamed the tragedy for mental health problems that he tried to resolve with drink and drugs.

Five years ago — long before he had thought about writing a book — Harry invited friends of his mother to share memories and private photographs of her.

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Harry was so little, so young. He was just weeks from turning 13 years old when his mother died. I’m sure William told him some things and I’m sure Charles told Harry certain versions of certain stories. But there are absolutely still questions about Diana’s last days and last hours. Even with several high-profile investigations over the past 25 years, there are still unknowns and facts in evidence which cannot be explained. The reports of a huge flash of light. The missing white Fiat. The missing motorcyclists. Was Henri Paul really *that* drunk? What British intelligence agents and assets were on the ground in France? How did Diana predict her own death – even specifying that it would be a car accident – years before it happened?

I find it interesting that Prince Harry wants to know more. And I wouldn’t be so sure that he’s doing this for his memoir. It sounds more like Harry has started to pull at different threads of stories he was told which now make no sense to him. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Harry is apparently investigating his mother’s death at the same time he’s suing the Home Office about security. I strongly suspect that the Windsors have lied all along about Diana’s security situation. Harry might think so too.

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