Prince Andrew was ‘having fun’ & being ‘very relaxed’ on a Spanish golf course

Vanity Fair did a decent story about the current royal situation, or should I say, the current situation with how the British media treats various royal stories. On one side, it’s good that people around the world are noticing the false equivalence being used between “Prince Andrew’s BFF was a pedophile rapist” and “Meghan and Harry flew on a private plane.” The British media treats both issues like they are the same and equally worthy of the same kind of wrath. And that’s being generous – it actually seems like the Sussexes are getting more wrath than Andrew. Anyway, this VF story is basically trying to explain why that keeps happening, and we know why already. A heavy dose of racism, plus the realities of the media landscape – Meghan stories sell more than Andrew stories. Meanwhile, Andrew gets to be a jolly golfer in Spain:

Prince Andrew has been pictured playing golf in southern Spain today as the Jeffrey Epstein storm shows no sign of dying down. The Queen’s son was snapped in a polo shirt this morning on the greens of Real Club Valderrama golf course – amid worldwide scrutiny over his links to the paedo….but avid golfer Andrew looked “totally chilled” today as he teed off at around 8.30am with a pal.

The Duke is said to have to have thrown himself into “having fun” on the luxury break after Virginia claimed she had sex with him in 2001, when she was just 17. But Buckingham Palace has strenuously denied any wrongdoing by Prince Andrew.

Today an onlooker at the private gated complex, where the pair are holed up, told The Sun: “He seemed very relaxed, he loves golf and he’s very good at it. He was smiling and talking to his friend. You wouldn’t know to look at him all of the trouble that is going on around him. They have been having fun, enjoying the perfect weather and great food around here. Fergie was nowhere to be seen. She usually spends time around the pool in their private villa when he is out playing golf.”

Prince Andrew drove his black Range Rover to the gated clubhouse before tackling the Valderrama course, which hosted the 1997 Ryder Cup, and played nine holes. He and Fergie are staying in a plush villa with a private pool and lavish grounds behind two gated security barriers. Access to the exclusive resort, with multi-million pound villas, is by appointment only.

A source close to Andrew said: “If law-enforcement agencies or police want to talk to the Duke or any royal they just need to ask.”

[From The Sun]

So there you go. As Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace – and probably Clarence House too – all gleefully throw the Sussexes under the bus, Andrew is quietly enjoying a relaxing golf holiday with a buddy. Relieved that his former friend died under mysterious circumstances, Andrew has relaxed into a certain coddled comfort. He probably knows that they still can’t touch him.

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