‘Pretty run down’ Kirsty Gallacher gives health update after stepping back from GB News

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Kirsty Gallacher said she has been feeling “pretty run down” as she took to Twitter to give her 429,000 followers an update last month. The 46-year-old-presenter last year stepped back from her role on GB News after she discovered a tumour in her ear.

In a picture shared to a Twitter post last month, Kirsty could be seen soaking in the sun with her dog in a garden.

The broadcaster penned: “After feeling pretty run down for a few days it’s so good to be feeling back to myself & out and about!

“And what a beautiful day, the sun is out at last. It’s back to work hallelujah.”

The TV star promptly received a barrage of messages of support from her fans.

Runnermarathon1 wrote: “So glad to hear you are feeling better Kirsty and more like yourself again.

“Even something as simple as seeing the sun and its long overdue appearance makes a huge difference!

“Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you back on our tv screens again soon.”

MatthewTatler1 added: “Never nice to hear a lady feeling run down as it doesn’t make the world go round.

“Lovely to hear that you are feeling better Kirsty and it’s good that you are recovering.

“Sending positive vibes your way.”

Faceforadio1 typed: “Glad to hear you’ve bounced back.

“Good to be out in the sun..not long back from Regent’s park myself, strolling, coffee in hand.”

Kirsty, who usually co-hosts the Great British Breakfast, shared her decision to take a break in an Instagram post back in November.

She wrote: “During the summer I discovered I have a tumour in the inner canal of my right ear.

“Thankfully, it’s benign and not hugely detrimental to my normal life.

“However, the tumour has caused severe tinnitus which makes it very difficult to sleep.

“Sadly my 3am starts at GB News, compounded by sleep deprivation, are exacerbating my symptoms.”

Kirsty continued: “I have taken the difficult decision to take a step back from my role on the Great British Breakfast while I focus on my health.

“GB News has been incredibly supportive of me and I look forward to returning to the channel as soon as I can.

“As I adjust to managing my condition, I will carry on my less disruptive work commitments and continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle and training so I can get back to my normal routine quickly.”

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