Popeyes Unveils Fashion Line That Looks Just Like Beyonce's Ivy Park Line

Beyonce might want a word with Popeyes honchos — not about their chicken sandwich, but about their new fashion line. Yes, that’s a real thing, and yes … it looks like a total Bey copy.

The fast-food chicken chain just unveiled new employee uniforms, which are surprisingly chic … and very much look like Queen Bey’s new Adidas x Ivy Park activewear collection.

Take a look … the resemblance is uncanny, from the maroon and orange color scheme to the casual and comfortable clothing options.

Popeyes says … “Nothing new here. Just the uniforms we wear every day.” It also includes a link to its online store, where fans can buy the items from its fashionable uniform lineup … which includes the tagline, “That Look From Popeyes.”

As for which came first — the chicken or the Bey? Well, they might go hand in hand. Beyonce DID choose Popeyes colors for the new Ivy Park designs, after all. But, then again, Popeyes sure seems to have swiped her style.

Next step for the chicken joint — ship a bunch of free gear to celebrities!!! Worked for Bey, but then again … everything does.

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