Polo G Police Body Cam Shows Aggressive Encounter with Miami PD

Polo G and the cops certainly didn’t exchange any pleasantries during his arrest back in 2021, we’ve obtained additional body cam footage from the encounter, video his attorneys were pissed hadn’t been released sooner.

The footage shows the aftermath of Polo G’s “Hall Of Fame” album release party in Miami, where the Chicago rapper is in handcuffs and stuffed into a police cruiser. Polo was allegedly first pulled over for window tints and got combative when he was asked to roll down his window.

In the body cam footage, Polo G demands to be seen by paramedics and complains of both police brutality and having issues breathing inside the police cruiser.

Polo was eventually taken to a hospital, but his transporting officer first has issues finding the clasp on his $15,000 chain and later admits he’s never even heard of him, spawning a debate with the younger cops, who were familiar with Polo G and his new album.

As for how the case ended … Polo completed anger management classes, and charges for going after the officer were eventually dropped.

His album found some success too, topping the charts, though he probably wishes he would’ve celebrated its release night a bit differently.

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