Page Six: The Sussexes were ‘too cheap’ to stay at a hotel, that’s what caused all of this!

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved to America, they’ve traveled to New York several times for various awards ceremonies, United Nations speeches and charity appearances. Looking back on those previous visits to New York, I can see how their movements were tightly controlled, and how remarkable it was that we never did find out where they were staying. In all of those trips, there were never photos of the Sussexes entering or exiting a hotel or apartment building. There was a rumor going around for a while that they stayed in highly secure United Nations housing for visiting diplomats, which I half-way believe. I also believe that the NY paparazzi and NYC media are all really mad that they still don’t know exactly where the Sussexes stay when they’re in town, and that the pap chase was partly a power play and punishment. Speaking of, the media still doesn’t know where the Sussexes stayed. So they’re running with “the Sussexes were too cheap to pay for a hotel.”

Harry and Meghan’s “near-catastrophic car chase” happened because they were too cheap to pay for a hotel, sources have revealed. The entitled couple allegedly demanded the Carlyle — the late Princess Diana’s favorite hotel — give them a discounted room for their New York City visit this week.

According to law enforcement sources, bosses at the Carlyle refused the hefty discount, so the embattled pair instead stayed at a friend’s house on the Upper East Side.

But when the paparazzi began following them Tuesday night from the Ziegfeld theater — in what their spokesperson claimed was a “relentless pursuit, lasting over two hours” — the duo didn’t want to lead the photographers back to their friend’s home and reveal where they were staying.

A New York City law enforcement source told Page Six: “They should have just gotten a hotel for the safety of everyone. Instead, they were cheap and wanted a free place to stay.”

[From Page Six]

What’s up with NYPD sources openly disparaging the Sussexes? It’s definitely a weird vibe. Anyway, this is a common nonsensical talking point: that Harry and Meghan are insanely rich from “selling out” the Windsors yet simultaneously, they are always on the verge of being broke because they’re terribly unsuccessful. I don’t buy that the Sussexes asked for a huge discount to stay at a hotel because… they haven’t been staying at hotels during their multiple visits to New York. And because a hotel would be less secure, one would imagine (too many entrances and exits, too many people coming in and out, less control for their security people). Now, are they staying at a friend’s house? Maybe. Or maybe Page Six is still f–king mad because they still don’t know where the Sussexes are staying.

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