Oh Hi, Khloé Kardashian Pretty Much Wore a Disco Ball as a Dress LN and I'm Here for It

Khloé Kardashian just made her first public appearance since news broke that Tristan Thompson has allegedly welcomed a third child, and she looked amazing. And very sparkly. Khloé stepped out to support her sister Kim Kardashian at the People’s Choice Awards (where Kim won a Fashion Icon Award), joining her onstage in a glittery mini dress that is giving major disco ball vibes.

Khloé’s appearance comes amid sources saying she’s hard time with Tristan allegedly welcoming another child, especially since it appears as though he cheated on her again. “This is a very sad time for Khloé. She really loves Tristan and still held a candle for him. She thought he might have changed his ways,” a source told Us Weekly. “Khloé now knows that Tristan was unfaithful to her when they were back together.”

The source added that “Khloé’s family has all rallied around her and have been very supportive to her. Even though Khloé is hurt, she’s staying strong and trying to move forward. Khloé did know about the baby before the news broke—it was very hard for her to hear.”

Meanwhile, an insider told People, that “Khloé was upset to find out that he cheated again. She just can’t believe that he is going to be a dad again. It’s just a sad situation to her. Khloé’s family always tried to support her. They always treated Tristan well even after he broke Khloé’s heart multiple times.”

Us Weekly also noted that the Kardashians are being supportive of both Khloé and Tristan during this time, with a source saying “Khloé’s family is supportive of her, but they are there for both Khloé and for Tristan. They’re both True’s parents and the family is supportive of both.”

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