Offset beefing with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony co-founder

Offset took a break from trying to get Cardi B back to feud with another rapper online earlier this week.

The Migos member has been locked in a war of words over the last few days with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony co-founder Layzie Bone over who’s the best rap group of all time.

Apparently ticked off by the Atlanta group’s tendency to call itself the “biggest rap group ever,” Layzie Bone, who is 44 years old, decided to call the group out about the boast on Instagram over the weekend.

“Migo’s the biggest rap group ever??? These Lil n—-z got the rap game f–ked up. I accept that challenge. Nah homies y’all n—-z Lil n—-z compared to Bone Thugs N Harmony,” he wrote.

Maybe it was because he’d just stumbled in a very public attempt to win back his estranged wife, but Offset, 27, took the bait, setting off a nasty back and forth between the two in the days since.

The fresh beef culminated, for now at least, in Layzie Bone posting a picture of a garbage truck to the social media service and telling Offset he’d found the group a new tour bus.

Perhaps it was because he was incensed by the sick burn, but Offset decided to take to the post’s comment section to challenge Layzie to a “bankroll challenge,” or, in layman’s terms, a bank account-measuring contest.

But Layzie wasn’t having it, again taking up the mantle of hip-hop elder statesman in his response, writing, “naw n—a, that’s what’s wrong with y’all n—-z, y’all think money equal respect IT DOESN’T this is a SKILLS CHALLENGE me against you and my group against yours. Best group ever challenge. Get yow bars up youngin’.”

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