Nikita Dragun Placed In MALE Jail After Naked Pool Incident – WTF?!

Nikita Dragun was placed in an extremely dangerous situation after she was arrested on Monday and our heart breaks for her…

As we reported, the beauty guru was staying in The Goodtime Hotel in Miami when she got into some trouble with law enforcement on Monday night. Police were called when she allegedly disturbed the peace by playing loud music, walking around the pool completely naked, and threw water on hotel staff as a retaliation when they tried to tell her to stop. Conflicting reports say the former YouTuber either swung a water bottle that splashed all over responding officers — or she physically hit them — but what is for sure is she was arrested.

The Dragun Beauty founder was booked for felony battery on a police officer, and misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery — which seems like a LOT for such a small incident. There’s way worse things to be focused on than to be crying over spilled water…

In probably the most sickening update we’ve gotten yet, though — the transgender influencer was placed in a MALE prison! Yeah, WTF?!

The 26-year-old was apparently booked into the men’s unit of Miami-Dade County’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after her arrest, according to her rep Jack Ketsoyan via TMZ on Wednesday:

“The situation with Nikita, who is legally female, being placed in a men’s unit of a Florida jail is extremely distributing and dangerous.”

So infuriating! She could’ve been put in some very serious danger. Poor Nikita…

And that’s not all — this disturbing incident took place completely AGAINST the correctional center’s own rules:

“This decision made by the Miami-Dade County Corrections Department directly violates their protocol, which mandates that transgender inmates are classified and housed based on safety needs and gender identity.”

Absolutely disgusting. We don’t even have to say why a jail violating its OWN rules is so scary…

Luckily Ketsoyan confirmed to the outlet the model has been bailed out of the center after being placed on a $5,000 bond — but it doesn’t make the situation any less horrifying. So far the Miami-Dade County prison hasn’t responded to any requests for comment.

Our heart is with Nikita right now, she should’ve never been put in such a horrible situation. We hope she’s doing alright and is able to find healing very soon.

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