Nicole Scherzinger causes stir with fans on social media with ‘down and dirty’ bikini pics

Nicole Scherzinger gets “down and dirty”

Nicole Scherzinger snapped some shots of herself getting down and dirty while covered in mud.

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Nicole Scherzinger, 43, has taken to Instagram and rustled a few feathers with her latest bikini pictures. The American singer snapped some wild shots of herself posing in a hidden bikini while covered in mud. 

The star captioned the post: “Getting down and dirty.”

She then posted the snaps out to her 5.3 million followers. 

Others in the shots include fashion designer Julien MacDonald and her boyfriend Thom Evans. 

Some fans were deeply taken aback by the photos. 

Perez Hilton wrote: “HOT!!!”

Paul McGill said: “The second shot is pure art.”

Nicole Scherzinger has a blast with pals

Nicole Scherzinger among the likes of Julien MacDonald and Thom Evans. 

Nicole Scherzinger and pals

Nicole Scherzinger is dating Thom Evans

Nicole Scherzinger poses in mud

Nicole Scherzinger has posed in a series of mud-covered snaps

Nicole Scherzinger posted the snaps to her fans

Nicole Scherzinger posted the photos to her 5.3 million followers.

Nicole Scherzinger poses on the beach

Nicole Scherzinger had a blast with pals on the beach. 

Nicole Scherzinger’s fans were impressed

The former X-Factor judge’s fans were keen to support her wild shots

Nicole Scherzinger has a blast

Nicole Scherzinger has a blast with Julien MacDonald

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