‘More like Herman Munster’ Karren Brady hits out at Viktor & Rolf fashion show

Karren Brady promotes weight loss brand Diet Chef in 2013

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Karren Brady took a jab at the recent Viktor & Rolf show during Paris Fashion Week last week. The Dutch avant-garde luxury fashion house is renowned for bringing the fun to fashion week, and their latest show was no different.

I’m no fashion expert, and I’m not one to follow trends either

Karren Brady

For their Spring 2022 collection, designers Rolf Snoeren and Viktor Horsting turned to Transylvania for style inspiration, creating suits, shirts and dresses with extremely raised shoulders.

The pieces of fashion were references from the iconic image of Dracula in Old Hollywood films.

But in her latest column for The Sun, Karren was far from impressed by the range of clothes on the runway.

“I’m no fashion expert, and I’m not one to follow trends either,” The Apprentice star wrote.

“But even I can recognise that the models on the catwalk in hunched-back outfits last week at the Viktor & Rolf fashion show at Paris Fashion Week will never, ever be a trend.”

“The totally bizarre high-padded shoulders on the blazers and dresses worn by the models framed their faces and made them look more like Herman Munster than supermodels.”

Karren continued: “It’s so ridiculous, I’m surprised the models weren’t laughing.”

She concluded by asking whether it was harder to find good quality clothes that fit well and are flattering while designers are spending time and money creating fashion pieces that are only suitable for wearing on the runway.

Elsewhere this month, Karren admitted to being called a “b***h” so often on social media that she’s lost count.

She made her comments in last week’s column of The Sun, as she called for the police to “do more” when it comes to women reporting crimes.

The mother-of-two wondered whether appointing more women to make these kinds of decisions is what would ultimately bring along the much-needed change.

“All but the most severe or disturbing complaints are ignored,” she wrote.

“Those that are looked at are often when an escalation to a more tangible threat has occurred.”

Karren mentioned the death of late Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed in 2016 by a far-right activist after enduring repeated harassment and threats online.

“Words like sl*g, b***h and whore are reserved exclusively for women and used only to degrade them,” Karren explained.

“I have lost track of the number of times I have been called these on Twitter.

“But if you report this to Twitter, it responds and says it finds ‘no violation of its rules’. Ridiculous.”

In the same column, Karren praised the Queen for reportedly refusing to be impartial from Covid rules to grief the death of her husband, Prince Philip, at his funeral.

Her Majesty was offered to have the social distancing rules temporarily lifted back in April 2021 but she refused to set an example to the nation.

Amid the Government’s scandals involving lockdown parties, Karren described the Queen’s decision as one being made from a “true leader”.

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